China Centre Continue Study Club Event: Innovation-Driven Start-Ups Session One

日期:2018-01-20 浏览:4作者:UOM

On 20th Jan, Allen Mao, an AMBS alumnus and the founder of China Centre continue study club, was invited to share with audience his views on what innovation-driven start-ups ought to be considering in everyday management. Having started a company himself, Allen analyzed existing start-up types and step-by-step start-up processes and carefully illustrated through examples and case studies that start-ups are in great need of innovations at all preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification stages. During the Q&A session, alumni who have either started their own companies or thinking of starting one raised questions, revolving around topics such as challenges faced at innovation-driven start-ups and methods of solutions. In March, innovation-driven start-ups session two will be running and continue the discussion on how to best utilize the innovative spirit in a start-up.