MSc International Healthcare Leadership


This unique Masters’ programme focuses on the global challenges facing healthcare leaders, and the roles that clinicians, managers and the wider healthcare economy can play in reshaping healthcare services.

It will equip current and aspiring leaders and managers with cutting-edge knowledge and practice from around the world. It is particularly beneficial for those who need to challenge their healthcare-specific knowledge and maximise their potential.

After graduating, your leadership skills will help organisations around the world design and deliver healthcare that creates public value and puts the patient at the heart of everything.

This is an exciting opportunity to study with the brightest healthcare professionals from around the globe and gain a truly international perspective. We hope you can join us to benefit from over 50 years’ excellence in this field.



Throughout the programme, all teaching and learning is underpinned by four key themes.

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Theme 1: International perspectives
While there are clear similarities across global healthcare systems, as an international healthcare leader you will also encounter differences, e.g. culture, governance and variable provisions of public, private and hybrid services. Every unit you study on the MSc in International Healthcare Leadership can be applied internationally and you will explore both global similarities and regional differences.
Theme 2: Creativity and innovation
A key challenge facing healthcare organisations and systems across the globe is balancing cost, quality and access. This requires creative and innovative leadership, which is central to the MSc in International Healthcare Leadership. You will be provided with the support and guidance needed to start developing your own thoughts and methodology.
Theme 3: Leading through networks
The need to lead through networks, rather than a single-minded focus on leading through-theline, is another consistent trend. Healthcare systems are among the most complex of public services incorporating public, private and hybrid structures. The complexity of clinician / managerial leadership and the challenges created by differences between primary, secondary and tertiary care add to this. All units on the MSc International Healthcare Leadership include an emphasis on the challenges of collective leadership.
Theme 4: Putting the patient at the heart
The importance of putting patients at the core of healthcare delivery should always be the main focus, but this is often not the case. This is a key priority in many healthcare systems, whether private or public, across the globe. It’s at the heart of everything you will learn on the MSc International Healthcare Leadership.



Dr. Stephen Brookes

Dr. Stephen Brookes QPM is the Programme Director for the MSc International Healthcare Leadership. He has been a senior fellow in public policy and leadership at the University of Manchester for just over eleven years. Prior to this, he had a unique blend of experience at a senior level in the police, central and regional government, and local government working closely with health authorities throughout this time. Dr. Brookes has considerable experience in working with partnerships and supporting both performance improvement programmes and in facilitating and leading change. In 2002, Dr. Brookes was presented with the Queen's Police Medal (QPM) by Her Majesty the Queen in her Jubilee Birthday Honours at Buckingham Palace for distinguished police service.