Q: Could you please briefly introduce your working experience and your current role?

A: I just switched my role to DHL as Manager of Global Digitalization, directly report to VP in German headquarter, which the main responsibility is to leverage the resource of fast growing start-up company in China for supply chain technology innovation. In the era of innovation age, supply chain industry is also targeting “supply chain 4.0”, which try to leverage the advanced technology to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Before this role, I severed for several Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Capgemini, Cardinal Health and Michelin.  I was growing from a pure IT background to a Business-IT role in last 5 years, especially during my MBA program period.

Q: Could you please describe how MBS’s Global MBA program benefit you?  

A: As I just said, MBS’s Global MBA program help me to accelerate my career transform from pure IT to Business IT. It helps me to understand the general business management knowledge, give the basic concept what other departments are doing, and especially the critical thinking.   Also, comparing to other program, this program provide lots of global tour experience and then expand the global networking.

Q:  What is the reason you decide to pursue MBA? And what is reason you choose MBS?

A: it is the year I am going to be 30 years old   . I am in front of two choice, either resign my current job and pursue the full time MBA oversea, or find a part MBA program in Shanghai.  MBS’s program provides the local study experience and global exposure, which is the main reason I choose MBS. It provide the great opportunity to keep my professional career continuous but also gain the global insight.

Q: Which word could describe the feeling during the study? What is the remarkable learnt from your study?

A: Exciting. Program provide lots of opportunity to research both classic and modern management theory and apply to the real cases. With the deep and critical thinking,  all these could be applied to the daily work. It helps a lot.

Marketing is the remarkable course that I ever learnt. For a pure IT guy, to understand marketing concept is really open a new world for me.

Q:  what is your personal life? Any hobbies?

A: I study to learn the programming from my 3rd grade. So it is the major hobbies, even I don’t have too much hands-on coding work in my daily work, but I still like to learn the new technology and apply to some demos in my spare time.

Other than that, I like to watch the American TV series. Also, I start to learn Golf recently.

莫岭(William Mo)

DHL Supply Chain

Manager, Global Digitalization

MBS MBA – July 2015 Intake