China Centre Kids Event: Chinese Culture Sharing in Celebration of Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)

日期:2018-01-27 浏览:6作者:UOM

In the morning of Saturday, 27th Jan., China Centre kids club welcomed its first offline event in celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year. Jenfay Yang, an AMBS alumnus and the founder of China Centre Kids club, welcomed registered families by showing the video of President Donald Trump’s granddaughter Arabella’s greeting to China's President and First Lady in fluent and perfect Mandarin, followed by her singing and reciting ancient Chinese poetry in Mandarin. Commenting on the video which recently went viral in China, Jenfay expressed her sincere wishes for alumni offspring to learn more about Chinese culture and hence she coordinates with the local academy of classic learning to provide a platform for kids to appreciate the beauty of Chinese arts.

During the 3-hour session, alumni and their kids first learned together one traditional Chinese folk song about the country's beautiful landscapes and another song highlighting the importance of education with one line 'with no education, there'd be aberration. To teach well, you deeply dwell.’ Lyrics were explained in easy language and illustrated through hand gestures for younger kids to interperate and understand.

The group then moved onto a poetry performance, reciting ancient Chinese poems with enthusiasm and energy. In addition, the group recited lines from the Three Character Classic, a historical Chinese text written in the 13th century. The teacher focused on the first few verses of the text, stating one of the core Confucian values that human nature is, above all else, good. The teacher also taught the group how to write the character “Fu” in a reverse order on red calligraphy paper, which translate to ‘happiness is here’ and is traditionally hang on doors celebration of Chinese New Year.