Hello, I am Ken Zheng, my Chinese name郑勇民, with 19+ years’ working experience in chemical and automotive industry & supply chain operations. Current, I am working for Solvay Group as Supply Chain Lead. I have effectively managed the Sales and Supply Chain Operations process to optimize company resources to support the growth of the business. I have one 11-year-old lively girl.

Q: What is the reason you choose to study at AMBS MBA course?

I am looking for career growth opportunities. I think AMBS academies can help me to strengthen my background through high-level programs and contacts/synergies with schoolmates coming from other companies.

Q: In the learning process, what kind of benefit bringing to you?

Actually, during the past 2.5 years, I have learned a strong and clear methodology in all the MBA programs which definitely gives me a strong working basis. These programs also help me to adapt my commercial behavior, having in hand some powerful tools and news tricks and tips. In addition, each program offer the chance to discuss with schoolmate from different companies that might give a new insight regarding business topic, as well as to help foster new and creative ideas to outperform on business research.

Q: What is the most memorable experience in the learning process?

In fact, my most memorable experience was all the passionate discussions or debates we had with other schoolmates! It is interesting and enriching to see how other top Managements in the same world but not in the same companies are behaving.

Q: What are your favorite courses in AMBS?

My favorite courses are Final Project and Business simulation. Since two courses are combination of applied knowledge and skills, not only personal participation, more teamwork, competition game through the courses.