• Message from the Dean, Manchester Business School
  • Message from Chief Global Officer, MBS
  • Message from China Centre Director
  • Snapshots of 5 years Development in China
  • Greeting from Alumni
  • Words from Professors

Message from the Dean, Manchester Business School

On behalf of Manchester Business School, I'd like to congratulate everyone associated with the MBS China Centre for all they have accomplished in the past five years. Sherry and her team have done a splendid job developing new programmes and making MBS visible and respected in China. MBS took the decision in 2008 to open a centre in Shanghai, recognizing China's growing importance as an economic power and Shanghai's role as a global financial centre. Over the past five years, we have grown to 500 part-time MBA students and developed strategic partnerships with major universities and companies in China. We also have been cited by the Chinese government as one of the best MBA programmes in China. I wish the China Centre more success in the future.

MBS China Centre 5th Anniversary

Iam very proud to be associated with the MBS success story in Shanghai and congratulate the China centre team led so ably by Sherry Fu on all their achievements. They are professional in every way and our students are superb examples for our Global MBA . Our partner institutions , Shanghai Jiaotong and Tongji, have been a great support and we look forward to a rewarding future working with you both. We have been welcomed into the Shanghai community by the British Council, British Chamber of Commerce and many others. And our alumni who are a wonderful and it is a pleasure to be able to celebrate five years in Shanghai with them.

Thank you all for your support and friendship. May I wish you all huge success in the future!


MBS China Centre 5th Anniversary

My story with MBS started with a coffee in Shanghai in 2008. It was a very sunny day and the first time that I met Mr. Nigel Banister, chief global officer of MBS. In that conversation, more casual chat than formal interview, Nigel told me of MBS worldwide ambition to open an international centre in Shanghai following on great success in establishing a centre in Dubai, UAE.

I started my new career path at MBS with full enthusiasm and passion right after the meeting as I was really inspired by the university’s history and achievements as well as MBS’ global strategies and vision. ‘Original thinking applied’, the essence of MBS, convinced me that we can apply creative thinking to discover business opportunities to create the future.

It seems like five years flew by in the blink of an eye. When I reflect on the growth of MBS from its earliest days, many vivid scenes come to mind: the approval of WOFE, office premises selection, first group of students, first induction and workshop, various seminars and events, grand opening of the new office space, my cheerful team, every moment of joy and happiness shared by students and alumni when they move on to new careers, get married and have babies…

The team and I are growing with the centre that we have worked so hard to nurture. We have been fortunate to see progress on all those fronts. I want to say thanks to all who have continuously supported and encouraged me. Good luck MBS China, good luck everyone!

Sherry Fu

Snapshots of 5 years Development in China

  • MBS China centre was officially launched in Shanghai and Ms Sherry Fu was appointed as China country director to lead the establishment of the centre and business development in the region. May, 2008
  • Mr. Nigel Banister Came to China for the First Information Session - Sept. 2008
  • The First MBS Annual Dinner - Oct.2008
  • This is the First Time Dean Michael Luger Visited China - Oct.2008
  • MBS China Centre Starts Cooperation with ACCA at its Prize Awarding & Graduation Ceremony - Nov. 2008
  • 2009 MBS Innovation Award Media Launch in Shanghai - Dec. 2008
  • The Induction for the First MBS Worldwide MBA Intake in Shanghai - June. 2009
  • Dr. Martin Henery Gave Speech at the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai - Jul.2009
  • Strategic Partnerships with ACEM, Shanghai Jiaotong University & SEM Tongji University - Jul.2009
  • MBS Worldwide International Directors Conference in Manchester, UK – July 2009
  • Manchester University Alumni Reception -August.2009
  • Sherry Presented at China International Professional Training Forum in Beijing - Sept. 2009
  • The First Workshop of China Centre - Oct.2009
  • The First Finance Seminar Held at Oracle Bay by Prof. Patrick McNutt - Oct.2009
  • 2009 MBS Annual Dinner & Innovation Award Ceremony - Oct.2009
  • The Top Winner of 2009 Manchester Innovation Award Visited Manchester Business School - Jan.2010
  • The First Induction for Tongji-MBS Programme - Jan.2010
  • 2010 Manchester Innovation Award Media Launch - Apr.2010
  • The First Time We Deliver “Doing Business in China” Elective Module with Our Partner ACEM ,Shanghai Jiaotong University - May,2010
  • Launch of Global Career Service & Reception for DBIC Students - May,2010
  • Grand Opening of MBS China Centre - Jul.2010
  • Innovation Award & MBS Annual Dinner, China - 2011
  • Joint DBA Signing Ceremony in Manchester – November, 2011
  • MBS China Centre Annual Dinner - Oct. 2011
  • MBS Global MBA Awarded the Top 10 MBA Programmes in China - Dec. 2011
  • Ms. Sherry Fu’s Election to the British Chamber’s Board Member - Mar. 2012
  • MBS Sponsored 2012 British Business Award - Nov. 2012
  • Mr. Keith Brown, Vice President's First Visit to China Centre - Aug. 2012
  • Grand Alumni Gathering Of China in Beijing - Aug. 2012
  • Recruitment to High Peak of China Centre

Greeting from Alumni

This year the Manchester Business School China Centre celebrates its 5th anniversary.

I obtained my PhD degree in Engineering in Manchester University in 1988. Upon coming back to China, however, I switched my career to business and banking both in China and abroad. In my work which deals a lot of complexity and ever changing environment, I have always found my engineering training received of tremendous help.

The Manchester Alumni Association in China (Beijing) was established in December 2012. I hope the Manchester alumni in China will come and join us in this reunion on 27th Jan 2013 to meet old and new friends alike.

May I wish you all a very prosperous year 2013! May I wish the MBS China Centre an even more robust future!

Executive Vice President, China CITIC bank
Chairman, CITIC Investment & Finance Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Chairman, Manchester Alumni Association China

When I first met Sherry Fu in Shanghai in 2008, the Manchester Business School China Centre was all about one staff person, a tiny office space rented in Plaza 66 and an ambitious vision. Within five years, it becomes a shining star in the MBA community in China. Just to name a few achievements: it has attracted more than 500 students to its Global MBA and DBA programmes. It developed close strategic partnerships with top Chinese academic institutions including Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tongji University and China Academy of Social Sciences. It won China’s Top MBA award in 2011.

There are many reasons behind the MBS China Centre's success. Among top on the list should include clear strategy, excellent execution, entrepreneurship and persistence. Congratulations to Manchester Business School, Sherry and your hard-working China team! What you have achieved make us so proud and thankful!

LIN Haijie, Colin, MSc. 1999
President, Guangdong Splendor Development Co., Ltd.
Vice Chair, Manchester Alumni Association China

Congratulations to MBS China Centre!

Career change was one of my major motivations for earning an MBA degree. I chose the MBA because it has international alumni networks (to explore my horizons), strong corporate connections (to increase my exposure), and most importantly – the Manchester method (learning by doing). I believed all these factors would help me out, and they actually did. After taking summer internship with Accenture and providing financial consulting for Hoffman La Roche in an IB project, I successfully jumped from the FMCG sector into the financial industry, which was a move I had planned.

Wish more success in the future!

Mr. Yuebiao Wang
Chairman of Shanghai Committee, MBS Alumni Association
Director of Healthcare Financial Services, GE capital

My congratulations to the Manchester Business School China Centre for its 5th anniversary, we're all proud of your incredible contributions to helping educate the new generation of China's leaders!

校友 - Lijia ZHENG
Senior Manager
Corporate Communications & Public Affairs | Burson-Marsteller | 博雅公共关系有限公司

Words from Professors

Congratulations to all the students and staff at the MBS China centre on your 5th Anniversary! It has been a pleasure working with both students and staff in China on the Global MBA Marketing course. Over the years, I have been impressed by the diligence of the students, their keenness to learn and their willingness to share their ideas and experiences. I look forward to continue to work with you in the future.

Professor: Alison Ashton

Reflections of my experience with the China Centre

Having graduated from the UMIST and subsequently Manchester Business School, and taught in the latter for over 17 years as a full-time faculty member, and since 2006 as a visiting senior fellow, I am in a unique position to comment on "the good, the bad and the ugly" facets of the MBS. My time in the School has been a great experience. My first brush with the Global programme was in September 2008, when I took the Managerial Economics Workshop in Kingston. Since then, I have been more involved in the World-wide programme than with the full-time Manchester-based programme.

My first visit to Shanghai in connection with Global programme was in January 2010 (before then, I had lectured MBA Marketing and Strategy for the Shanghai University Business School), just about one year after the MBS Centre was opened. Since then, I have seen a substantial growth in the activities of the Centre, as well as a remarkable improvement in the management and organisation of the Centre, in the short time that it has been in existence. With over 500 students and the China Innovation Awards in both 2009 and 2010, followed by the National Top MBA Prize to match, the Centre has become the envy of many. The Centre students have always shown competence, dedication and cooperation in class. It has always been a pleasure for me to visit and work in the Centre, as all arrangements for such visits have been not only excellent, but also that the staff has always proven to be such great colleagues. The credit for this great achievement goes to all Centre staff, but primarily to CEO Bannister and Centre Director Sherry Fu, and I have no hesitation in giving them a pat on the back on this the Centre's firth "birthday". They are to be congratulated.

Professor: Pikay Richardson
* Professor Pikay Richardson holds a PhD from the University of Manchester and is currently Visiting
Senior Fellow at the Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester, UK.

It is with great admiration that I have witnessed the phenomenal growth of the MBS China centre since 2008. In my role as a workshop tutor I have had the privilege to meet and teach many of the students supported by the MBS China Centre during the Managerial Economics workshops I have delivered in my frequent trips to Shanghai. Furthermore, being involved in the teaching of this first semester module has also given me the opportunity to follow the intellectual, professional and personal development of many MBS China centre students as they go through their MBA journey. Many of these students rank amongst the best I have taught throughout our international centres due to their enthusiasm, diverse professional experience and passion for learning.

The success of the MBS China centre, however, is not only limited to attracting some of our best global students. Amongst its many noteworthy highlights, I would like to mention the launch of fruitful partnerships with Tongji and Shanghai Jiao Tong universities, the signing of a collaboration agreement with the China Academy of Social Sciences and the awarding of the China national top MBA prize in 2011. These impressive accomplishments are in no small measure a credit to the relentless efforts of the MBS China centre team and the leadership provided by Sherry Fu, MBS China centre Director. As we look forward to exciting developments and going beyond 500 students, I would like to congratulate the MBS China centre for its accomplishments in its 5th anniversary and wish it every success for the future. Well done!

Professor: Xavier Duran Martinez
Associate MBA Director, Manchester Business School Worldwide