“Learn how to design your thinking and apply to your business strategy”

Prior to the MBA, I was delegated from Seoul office to Shanghai to cover the region Asia business.  Market was so diverse, extremely fluctuated and the strategy we set in advance was constantly challenged. Amid those kinds of pressure, I felt how difficult it is to design the thinking and applying to real business life. In the mean time, multiple world-wide centre of Manchester Business School which offer the flexible learning environment and the exactly equal level of curriculum and tutors with British centre arrested my attention.

When I enrolled the MBA, there were three expectations in my mind; to immerse myself in forefront education and knowledge to touch contemporary enterprise’s business cases, to enrich my leadership skills to influence others and drive the future growth, and to explore the fit-position of mine to reach the next career level.

Once I opened the door of Manchester Business School, there were the benefits beyond my expectations. The rigorously recruited class profile gave me a chance to study with experienced, mature individuals from various backgrounds and it planted me lots of diverse genes to evolve myself to a new beast. The curriculums were particularly designed to solve contemporary problems which I and my company have, furthermore it’s not just limited to deliver the knowledge, but extended to apply to my real cases in a practical way. The most remarkable thing is the MBA centre is fully supporting to cultivate students networking and to organize many types of study or activity clubs. You will obtain the knowledge and leadership skills not only from the textbooks also from the students activities based on great Manchester platform.  

By seizing the chance of a lifetime, most importantly, I enabled myself to be a member of the most prestigious alumni group which is willing to help their descendants. Of course their support has begun even before I enroll the course when I was struggled to make a decision. They showed me a vision of the future and enlightened me how to leverage my strengths to hold a competitive edge during my MBA journey which is not still ended yet. I will keep sailing the journey with a full of energy fueled from irreplaceable cohorts and cooperative school’s management team around me. The readers, either you are already a member of Manchester Business School or still navigating the decision, I hope you could detect any critical clues for your each one’s journey from this article.

Bon voyage!