As of today, it is my fourth semester of MBA program. I am glad that I made the decision choosing Manchester for my MBA study. Really impressed by its level of international student background and diversity. Since July 2016 enrollment I have learnt and experienced much more than I could had ever imagined. Not only at academic side, I think we all agree that networking is equally important for MBA students, and both are available with MBS. There are so many talented, incredible people surrounded for me to learn from. Being influenced and inspired by western professors’ insights and opinions through workshop. Debating, argument, and the joy are words I would use to describe those past workshops I have joined. Besides, the course structure is well designed and balanced between individual & group work, which is suitable for part-time students.

I believe life is a journey of experiencing, growing and sharing. It is important to try new things, to do things in different way. I never thought of spending three days running and camping in the desert with about 1500 MBA students in July 2017. It is an amazing experience to participate this challenge with my dear Manchester schoolmates. Together, we succeeded as a team and we became stronger, that’s the spirit I need throughout our career development! I will be missing those laughter and tears with every one over there, still a strong feeling of connection now seriously.

In addition to study, right now I spend most of my spare time doing exercise: running, cycling and yoga is another one I commit to practice as much as I can. Yoga keeps my sense of self-awareness working. Honestly, it is still difficult to manage time for sufficient exercise given this busy MBA study schedule. But, I also try my best because regular exercise helps me gain energy and release pressure as well. I have finished more than 20 trail races and two marathons over last three years. I feel like getting out of city at weekends for races or training. Going into mountain and get closer to nature make me feel relaxed, feel happy.

I agree that we do things for a reason, life must be purposeful to be meaningful. I feel grateful for starting my 2.5-years MBA with Manchester Business School, feel thankful for those people who helped me learn and grow. No matter how old I am, still have lots of curiosity towards this world and the people around me. All I am trying to do is to become better person than yesterday, to fail to learn, to fail to succeed.