Q: What is the reason you choose to study at AMBS MBA course?

A: After the application and interview, I had received multiple offers from several business schools in US and Europe. And I chose AMBS because I believed it was the best fit for me for the following reasons:

1.During the application and interview, admission officer Heather had demonstrated her professionalism and keen interest in helping me to transform my career from marketing to consulting.

2. Its student’s diversity had really impressed me. Literally you could meet the classmates from all major developed and developing countries.

And now I could say I made the right decision of choosing AMBS.

Q: In the learning process, what kind of benefit bringing to you?

A: AMBS teaching methods ”learning by doing” provided me first-hand experience in consulting practice like Not-for-Profits project worked with Bolton YMCA to explore hospitality business opportunity, UK consulting projects commissioned by Cisco to model and evaluate social and economic impact brought by different technologies in difference adoption curves, etc. The experience had helped in landing offers from consulting firms as well as my current company.

Q: What is the most memorable experience in the learning process?

A:1.The most memorable experience I had is the last consulting project I had done for a world top pharmaceutical company based in UK. The project is about to evaluate the investment made in the least developed countries about its economic return, social impact, sustainability and scalability. The project deliverable is the framework and model to guide future investment priority. We had the team of six MBA students from China, India, UK, Peru and Japan. We had been to Bangladesh, Rwanda, South Africa and Zambia to check their philanthropic projects with experts from UN, UNESCO and Bill Melinda Gates Foundation.

2. It is a life changing experience. It is beyond my imagination when I witnessed the life in slum. There was no established hygiene and education system there. So every little help counted. I felt obligated to help those people by delivering a comprehensive and robust model to guide the future philanthropic investments. And I did.

Q: What are your favorite courses in AMBS?

A: I had a lot of favorite courses in AMBS. The top three are:

a) Financial account by Pete Taylor

b) Advanced strategic management by Kevin Jagiello.

c) Negotiation by Malcom Smith